Time Lapse: Ojos que Observan.

Book Review: J. C. Leyendecker: American Imagist.

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Hada del Rocío, Time Lapse de la ilustración

Mis videos están en español, así que mi blog ahora estará en español también... salvo algunas excepciones.

Los invito a acompañarme en esta reflexión sobre el proyecto "Los Viajes de Anaís", disfrútenla.

coloring "Fruits of the Forest"

Hope you to enjoy this timelapse.

How do I manage my time as an artist? (Spanish only)

Welcome to the first post on my blog.

It is basically an experiment and there is not much to say for now. I will only mention that I have a YouTube channel and that you are cordially invited to watch my videos.

The only drawback is that it is in Spanish, because that's my native language and the channel is aimed at people who speak the same language as me ... also speaking in English does not come naturally to me.

It may be appropriate to ask the question... What language do you speak?

Maybe is  convenient to write my blog in Spanish only... What do you say?