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A very delayed Mermay

General / 16 June 2022

Hello again, connoisseur.

Today I want to talk to you about a couple of my works: “The Nixie in the Millpond” and “The Little Mermaid”.

Both illustrations belong to my “Ink and Fairy Tales” collection, which is inspired by classic fairy tales. These two are my favorites from that series, as they are honest representations of one of my greatest interests: beauty.

The beauty of illustration as a means of expression. The beauty of the influence that artists like Franklin Booth and Arthur Rackham have had on my work. Beauty in fairy tales, beauty in youth and in mysteries… the beauty in women.

The Little Mermaid is also one of my favorite stories. I have thought many times about illustrating a series entirely dedicated to her, although I don't plan to do so any time soon.

These images are available as limited series in my NFT store: LINK

I invite you to take a look at the following links:

The Nixie of the Millpond

The Little Mermaid

Thank you very much for your interest. Soon I will send you another email with information about my work.


Download my new artbook!

General / 01 June 2022


I’m glad you are here again, my friend connoisseurs.

I have prepared an exclusive gift for my subscribers: A book that brings together my best illustrations in PDF format. Click HERE to download it: LINK.

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I hope you enjoy this content and don't worry, I don't update my newsletter too often.

Cristian Gonzalez (Chamakoso)

Reina de Picas ♠️ ¿Qué pasa con los NFT? Ξ

General / 13 December 2021

Encuentra el NFT de la Reina de Picas en el siguiente link: Reina de Picas NFT

Espero que disfrutes este timelapse. Déjame tu like y tus comentarios.


Beautiful Lies by Saurabh Alwadkar

Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0

Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library

An exercise on edges

General / 14 August 2021

Today I teach you to do a little exercise on edges. The video is in Spanish, but you can watch it and replicate it on your own.

Dragon Slayer NFT already available in MakersPlace

General / 25 June 2021

Purchase my new piece of crypto art: Dragon Slayer A rare digital work of three copies only, available exclusively at MakersPlace. Digital illustration by me, animation by Ángel Renán, senior 2d-3d artist. Click here to purchase it. 

🎵 Music used in this trailer is not included in the NFT: "nyoko - Flowing Into The Darkness" is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0). Música promocionada por BreakingCopyright:


Creative tuesday with Rayoverso

General / 21 May 2021

I was recently interviewed in the program "Martes Creativo" (Creative Tuesday) with the Rayoverso team!

The program is in Spanish and you can see it here (Begins in minute 11:00)

Interview with "Juegos con Arte"

General / 21 May 2021

I have been interviewed by "Juegos con Arte", an entertaining portal about art for board games.

The interview is in Spanish. I invite you to read it in the following link: Click here to read the interview.


Las Cualidades del Color: Tono, Valor y Saturación

General / 04 February 2021

Time Lapse: Ojos que Observan.

General / 31 January 2021

Book Review: J. C. Leyendecker: American Imagist.

General / 23 January 2021

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