Creative tuesday with Rayoverso

General / 21 May 2021

I was recently interviewed in the program "Martes Creativo" (Creative Tuesday) with the Rayoverso team!

The program is in Spanish and you can see it here (Begins in minute 11:00)

Interview with "Juegos con Arte"

General / 21 May 2021

I have been interviewed by "Juegos con Arte", an entertaining portal about art for board games.

The interview is in Spanish. I invite you to read it in the following link: Click here to read the interview.


Las Cualidades del Color: Tono, Valor y Saturación

General / 04 February 2021

Time Lapse: Ojos que Observan.

General / 31 January 2021

Book Review: J. C. Leyendecker: American Imagist.

General / 23 January 2021

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