The song of the birds
The song of the birds

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22. The Song of the Birds

It has been a long time since I started this series. Originally they were going to be only a few sketches for 2017’s Inktober but I was taking pleasure out of it. I have worked slowly and more dispersed than I would like, I have trouble focusing, I have a mind full of ideas, projects and all that. I want to change the world and finally I do a little of everything but never really finishing.

I wanted to do an online course, design a card game, create books to paint, a clothing store, so many things! but it seems to me that I will make a final effort to finish the missing illustrations and finish Anaís book.

I hope my fanbase grows enough from here to a few months to make sense to launch a book of my own. I will be grateful for all the support you can give me.

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